Ryokan Miyuki Onesen


Our own source of hot spring pumps out 1415liters (about 400galons) of pure, fresh spring water per minute directly into our onsen bathes without any assistance of pumping.
The temperature and quality of our water is so perfect there is no treatment or modification, you can enjoy the 100% natural spring water just as is.
To see the water gushing out into our bath and flow like a river is a sight to behold!
Our water is alkaline, gentle to the skin, it is also used for the finishing shower before you exit the onsen, so the effect of our natural spring water will rest with you.
You can also collect some of our spring water and take home at our front entrance.


822 Ichibe Isawa-cho, Fuefuki city, Yamanashi.  406-0031



Ryokan Miyuki Onesen
Ryokan Miyuki Onesen
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